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How To Search For Movers Near Me And Find The Best One

When looking for a good moving company there are going to be a lot of factors to consider. Since you are giving a company access to 100% of your belongings and they’ll know your name, new address, phone number and other details, you better check them out first. Then there is the issue of how well they’ll actually do the job, how careful they are, do they guarantee no breakage, and are they insured. Here are some good tips to finding quality movers near me.

Start With An Internet Search Near Me First

You can head to Google and type in good movers near me and you’ll find plenty of pages of movers. Most sites will allow you to enter your zip code to actually find some businesses close to your location. Of course, since it’s still the Internet, it’s possible for movers from long distances to advertise and get on lists as being close to your home bust still not be.

You can do some research and find the real addresses of most of them but there are actually more important things to consider. The paramount being how long have they been in business, how do they treat their customers, and how honest are they in their business dealings.

You can search for their reviews online and read what their previous customers have to say. If a company has no reviews, they may have just changed their name because of bad reviews and should be avoided. Pay special attention to the negative reviews involving honesty, integrity, and customer service.

Then, call them up and see if they have a license, insurance, and bonding. A business license shows responsibility and the state also checks other things as well. Insurance is needed in case they have an accident and ruin your belongings. The bonding is to make sure they’re honest, no insurance company will issue a bond to criminals.

Finally, it’s incredibly important that they run criminal background checks on 100% of their employees. You don’t want any felons, thieves, or drug addicts knowing what you have and where you live. Even if they don’t steal from you the day of your move, how do you know they aren’t coming back later? Worse than that, criminals hang out with other criminals and sell information, or just give it away for free to feel important, stay away from these types of people.

Searching For Local Movers Is Important For A Couple Of Reasons

Although they’ll deny it, if they have to travel long ways to get to your location it costs them fuel and wages by the hour to get there. Trucks aren’t cheap to drive, and employees get paid whether they’re lifting furniture or riding in a truck on the highway. In the end, the customer is paying the bill so local businesses are better.

In addition to that, the local business pays taxes, supports your schools, sponsors baseball and soccer teams, and has many of the same issues you do. Your kids may even attend the same schools together, that’s the biggest reason to support local people.

Now that you’ve vetted your mover thoroughly you should be safe from harm and have a couple of good local movers on your list. All you have to do is call and talk to them and go with your gut feeling since you’ve done the research already.

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